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Trek 36v 1000w – Kids Quad Bikes – Qualifying Bundle


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Trek 36v 1000w Electric Quad Bike

Get your little adventurer ready to face the great outdoors with our basic trek electric kids quad bike. Our trek range of kids quad bikes are worth more than our sports models because they are more durable, rugged and safer. The larger body, storage racks and black finished metal parts not only look better, they add functionality that goes beyond racing around. The larger wheels with 13" tyres are better for offroading than our sports models. Young adventurers will love being able to transport whatever they want around, whether they are helping with chores or pretending to save the world. Trek kids quads are better for bigger kids too, because the robust frame can support more weight (up to 65kg), and this is our cheapest Trek model. The extra weight can make these models slightly slower than sports model, which means they are safer. As with all our electric kid's quads, you benefit from mess-free charging your kids can be trusted with, instead of messy petrol refuelling. Also, the speed can be parental locked to either slow, medium or fast to ease your kids into driving up to 22mph(35km/h).



Wulfsport ICONIC Kids Helmet

The Wulfsport Cubs Off Road PRO kids quad bike helmet is a full kids off-road helmet, with a removable peak that blocks glaring sunlight and deflects obstacles like branches.


Wulfsport Stratos Gloves (All Ages)

These Wulfsport quad biking gloves are made with non-slip, comfort-padded Amara palms for improved comfort, durability and grip.


Wulfsport Cubs Kids Goggles

These Wulfsport cubs kids quad biking goggles offer superior comfort and performance because of three-layer anti-sweat foam, a silicon backed adjustable comfort strap, super durable impact resistant frame and high precision lens.