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The Best Electric Quad Bikes For Christmas

If you’re looking for something truly different, that will last and encourage your kids to get out to enjoy the fresh air, why not consider an electric quad bike?

Trek Lithium for Beginners

These days it’s difficult to encourage our kids to get out and about in the fresh air at the best of times, but during the Christmas period, it’s next to impossible – especially when there are so many other distractions. Similarly, buying your child a gift they’ll enjoy and get maximum use from is just as challenging – all too often they are tossed aside after a few months and never looked upon again.

So, if you’re looking for something truly different, that will last and encourage your kids to get out to enjoy the fresh air, why not consider an electric quad bike?

Why Choose Electric Over Petrol?

The KidsQuads story began when our owner Steve was searching for an all-terrain vehicle for his son. He found that petrol quad bikes were noisy and dangerous, which was why he was so excited to discover an exciting alternative that his son could ride safely.  

Quad bikes often get a bad rap, and rightly so in some cases – they can be incredibly dangerous, mainly when used by children. But, when it comes to electric quad bikes, it’s a different beast entirely. 

Electric quad motors produce high torque levels but limit the overall top speed, offering a great balance between high-speed thrills and the peace-of-mind we need for our children.

Electric quads have five main advantages over their petrol-powered cousins:

  • Safety – Three controllable speed settings.
  • Silent – Electric power offers next to no noise pollution.
  • Economic – More than ten times cheaper than petrol.
  • Practical – Petrol engines have a lot of components, all of which have the potential to break-down and often do so unless regularly serviced/maintained.
  • Green – No harmful emissions and no pollution.

In this blog, we’re going to profile our four most popular quad bikes across our ranges so that you can surprise your loved one with the perfect gift this Christmas. 

36v 1000w SPORT

Sport 36v 1000w Electric Quad Bike - Red

Age Range: 4-9 Years

Speed Restrictions: Speed Restrictions at 10km/h, 18km/h and 35km/h

Max Speed: 35km/h

Dimensions: 1050mm x 660mm x 550mm

Weight: 40kg

Driver Weight: 60kg

Colour Options: Red, Pink, Blue or Black

The 36v engine in the SPORT offers a tremendous amount of torque which is excellent for tough slopes and steep terrain.

The rechargeable 12v battery takes 7-8 hours to recharge from empty and can last anywhere between 20-25 km (dependent on speed and field conditions.)

One of the most significant problems with petrol quad bikes is the disproportionate distribution of power, which can often cause the bike to tip. This model features real 4” tyres, which, due to the machine and tyre ratio dramatically reduces the risk of accidents of this nature. 

36v 1000w TREK

Trek 36v 1000w Electric Quad Bike - Blue

Age Range: 4-9 Years

Speed Restrictions: Speed Restrictions at 9km/h, 14km/h and 35km/h

Max Speed: 35km/h

Dimensions: 1050mm x 600mm x 650mm

Weight: 54kg

Driver Weight: 65kg

Colour Options: Yellow (Maple), Blue, Red or Black

The TREK features an impressive 36V 1000W motor, which creates high torque levels from lowered engine output, which is ideal for rough terrain and to keep the quad at a safe speed.

The 12v 12Ah x 3 battery requires 7-8 hours to recharge from empty, and just like the SPORT can offer running times from 20 to 35km depending on speeds and conditions. 

The TREK quad comes with real 6” tyres, which like the SPORT are designed to help prevent tips and rollovers.

TEEN PRO 800 36v 800w

Teen PRO 800 36v 800w Electric Quad Bike

Age Range: 8-15 Years

Speed Restrictions: Speed Restrictions at 10km/h, 18km/h and 25km/h

Max Speed: 25km/h

Dimensions: 1100mm x 620mm x 750mm

Weight: 65 kg

Driver Weight: 90kg

Colour Options: Green (Camo), Pink, Red or Black 

The TEEN PRO is designed for an older age range than the TREK or the SPORT; suitable only for older children and teenagers.   

The tubular steel frame of the chassis makes the TEEN PRO a robust and safe option when traversing difficult terrain, along with the strong front and rear suspensions, which make for a much smoother ride.

At Kids Quads we’re committed to providing safe and economical ride-ons that are practical and don’t cost the earth to run and maintain. 

If you’d like to order one of our products in time for Christmas, then contact us today on 01223 398899 or drop us a line at to book your viewing appointment and avoid disappointment.

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